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Day 3 – Your Favorite Television Program

As someone who is a gamer/seamstress/full time student/part time worker I rarely make time to watch television.  If I’m not online in EverQuest2 or World of Warcraft I’m playing Final Fantasy XIII and if I’m not gaming I’m sewing, doing homework, or working.

My days feel so busy lately – with ACen coming up I feel like I’m in a constant seamstress state….all I hear is the sewing machine.

With that said – when I do watch television I don’t really have any one specific favorite show.  As a culinary student I really enjoy Food Network’s Iron Chef America challenges.  I would also sit down to watch CSI or Law and Order.  Maybe even Heroes, House, or White Collar.

As far as a show that I absolutely have to see whenever a new episode is on?  I don’t do that.  If it gets recorded on our DVR I might sit down to watch it a day or two later, but usually I will just watch it when it’s in reruns during the day (like while turning 12 little ribbons for Rikku sleeves).

I’m just not a TV person /shrug  There are a few shows that I enjoy and will watch if I actually happen to be in front of a TV when it’s on.  As far as something I go out of my way to watch….there isn’t anything.


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