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I was very excited last night after raid when I loaded up the Cataclysm preview thread on the Blizzard Forums to see that that Paladin changes had released a couple of days early.

My initial reaction to the changes is that they’re pretty awesome.

I am REALLY looking forward to Having an AoE heal: Healing Hands – and I’m hoping it’s similar to Druid’s (Improved) Tranquility, or that it can be used as some kind of Oh Shit raid saving ability. To be getting another heal is amazing – Holy Paladins desperately need it….having only three in our arsenal limits us greatly and comes to be very frustrating (for me) in 10 man progression where I have to tell my raid leader, “I’ll try but it might not work out”.

I’m also really looking forward to Guardian of the Ancient Kings. In playing EverQuest2 I thought it was really neat when Warden’s got their healing fairy (and it worked) and this is in essence exactly like that (from a Holy Paladin perspective). It adds another heal to what we already have which brings us up to 5 and puts us on par with other healers as far as number of heals.

I’m really interested to see what they do with Holy Shock. They say they’re making it a core healing ability for Paladins – does this mean they’re making it un-talented? If so that means Ret and Prot Paladins get another heal/damage added to their bar, and Ret’s get another instant heal at that – which to me seems kind of unbalanced. Granted their one instant heal now is based off of a proc that may or may not go off, but it procs often enough that I’m still a little worried.

I think one thing that myself and many other Paladin’s are all cheering for is the reduced duration on Divine Shield. I know there are still going to be the QQers out there but in all reality being able to bubble and hearth out of combat is retarded, and imo should have been nerfed a long time ago.

Increasing the duration of Sacred Shield is pretty cool, and basically gives Holy Paladins a longer duration HoT on their target as talents currently stand. Which again, is kind of like another heal.

Overall everything I see for my Class/Spec is pretty awesome, and I’m really excited.


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