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I basically failed at this.
Actually my boyfriend was in town and then I got very busy with my work and school schedule and I completely just did not have time for the blog – SO here’s a large update.

Rikku is pretty much completed. Sleeves are re-made and finished. Skirt needs eyelets and yellow stringies and it will be finished. Wig and contact lenses have been ordered and are on the way and should arrive before the end of the month.
I purchased a large roll of paper today which I will be using to pattern out my Haruhi bunny suit. Probably going to make the suit out of some fabric scraps I have lying around before I start cutting into really expensive satin and just merrily sewing. Her wig has been ordered, but I still need to get some yellow ribbon for her hair. Fishnet stockings have also been ordered and ship and should actually arrive tomorrow. I ordered some with a backseam embellished with rhinestones for just a little extra added detail.  I also still need to order my spiral steel boning and underwires for the suit which I should be able to do a little later in the week.

Altogether everything is coming along quite nicely and I feel a lot more confident that I’ll be able to finish with plenty of time.  I may even have time to make a North High uniform if I don’t feel like being in a bunny suit all day.  I’m feeling much more confident that everything will be finished with plenty of time before ACen.

And without further ado:

I has a sad

Day 8 – A photo that makes you angry/sad

In all honesty I couldn’t think of anything and this is what I came up with :p


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