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I hate how when you have a fight with your boyfriend and it goes unresolved, you go to bed, wake up the next morning in a horrendous mood….it’s raining which means I have a headache, I’m pissed off, I didn’t get any sleep because I was trying to level advancements on the new Troubador (who is now level 80 thanks to finally getting some help), I had class this morning, I have class tonight, I have a paper I have to write by Monday that I haven’t even started….
overall – very pissy today.


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Since I know no one from EverQuest2 reads my blog…or is on my twitter – this is safe to complain about :p

We just had an expansion release on Tuesday. Granted SOE puts out expansions like those people with 19 kids, but its new nevertheless. Until recently I had been playing one of my boyfriend’s characters as my main – this is on his “secondary I hate my life” account. You see back when both of us had money, we had a multitude of accounts and used to run around a whole group just the two of us, and go pwn dungeons. Anyway – back to the matter at hand.

Since my mom also plays she was kind enough to purchase said expansion for me on Tuesday. I came to my guild leader and officer and said look here people – I have one expansion, and no money for a second, so I’m activating my account and will no longer have access to this other toon that I have been playing.
Their response you ask?

Would you mind powerleveling a new one?

My response – as long as I have help I don’t mind.
I spent the majority of one day leveling myself to 25, and then about half of yesterday leveling to 30 until I whined enough to the boy that he finally logged in and dragged me around with his level 80 – during which time I managed to make it to level 42.
Now I have asked, several times, in guild chat for help from said other leader/officer and received absolutely not a glimmer of a possibility of help, or so much as a response. At this point I’m ready to tell them to fuck off, level my healer to 90 (the new cap) and have them find a spot in raid for me over the 4 other shithouse clerics that are in our raids.

But no – if I play my cleric I will have to sit – I will never raid…..So says miss officer lady who has been in this guild for 6 months (you see I’ve been there since November 2007).
Yes that’s right – one of the best healers in this guild will have to sit over the shitty shitty healers that we have recruited over the last 3-4 months. Someone who has been in this guild far longer than any of them.

So those are my choices, powerlevel a character and regear or sit.
At least I have to work tonight so I get a break.

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