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So last year was my very first adventure to an Anime convention.  I attended Anime Central in Rosemont, IL (that’s near Chicago for those that don’t know).

While I lived there last year, I do not this year, however I will be making the trip out just because I enjoyed it so much.  I did dress up.  I dressed as Rikku from FFX2 and I will be dressing as her again for one of the days – I have a few slight modifications I’ll be making to the costume over the next couple of months as well as purchasing a wig…..extensions were good last year but the stupid clips made my head hurt after wearing the headband all day….plus I’ll be able to style the hair better on a wig.

However, I will also be making a second costume this year.  I have an issue in that I’m not an avid fan of Anime in general….I’m more of a game person – but it was suggested to me that I wear Haruhi Suzumiya’s bunny costume.  Now I’m not a fan of the anime, nor have I ever watched it – but I am absolutely in love with the Playboy bunny style of this outfit of hers.  Plus she’s super cute, so I’ll be making the costume.  My main reason for making this is because I know it will be a challenge for me.  I’ve made corsets before but never on this scale.  That suit’s gotta have enough support to stand up on it’s own and hold D boobies.

I spent most of today digging – and found a dissection of an original Playboy bunny suit which I will be using to draft the pattern for my own suit.  The originals have 7/16″ spiral metal boning in them, which I’m a tiny tiny bit afraid of – I’ve worn corsets made with metal boning before, but never the spiral variety.  The difference between straight up metal boning and spiral metal boning is that with the spiral you have multi directional bending (ie front to back and side to side) whereas with the other you only have one direction you can bend (front or back) – so I’m interested to see the range of motion that this type of boning will allow…..maybe it will be slightly more comfortable!  Although, I doubt it.

I also have one other possible costume in store for ACen but it will be for the fashion show, and so I will keep it a secret for now.

I’m so looking forward to ACen, I’ll be able to attend all three days this year, and I’ll get to see the famous Yaya Han again – which should be fun.  I only saw her in passing at her booth last year but I think I’ll be sure to make a special stop and allow a little more time for chit chat (if she has time of course).  I’m also hoping to see Limebarb there since it is so close to where she is located – but we shall see.

Totally excited for the coming con season (which technically has already started) and also excited for my new job which will allow me more play room in my fabric budget 🙂

Check back for more costume updates – maybe even some progress photos once I get started!  Should be fun times!


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